on the Issues

  • Small Businesses

  • Transition Living

  • Infrastructure

  • Job Creation

  • Creating an Inclusive Government


At the heart of every community is the small business owner. In today's economy it is getting harder and harder for small business to find success and to flourish here in Gwinnett.  Creating a community that nourishes small business is at the core of my campaign.  As a small business owner, myself I understand all too well the complexities of opening a business and the lack of opportunity to service the county as a vendor.  As County Chair I am making it my personal mission to raise up small business and to streamline the process to service contracts with the county. 


It's sad to say, but currently we have approximately 10,000 people who are homeless in Gwinnett County, and to make matters worse, heartbroken to say the least, an estimated half the homeless population are children.


The main contributing factors to this horrible situation are, we have no operating shelters in the county, we have a broken and inefficient response system, and finally, homelessness has been hidden, far too long those in leader played a blind eye to this issue.


My mission is to find positive solutions to eradicate this problem as best we can. Through partnership, working with the likes of the Faith Base Communities, the United Way, Live Norcross, HomeFirst Gwinnett among others, we will get the homeless into shelters, turn homeless into Renters, turn the homeless into home owners.


Gwinnett lost two major employers because of poor planning on the part of our current administration. It is no surprise that companies want to leave Gwinnett because of our poor infrastructure and lack of Mass Transit.  


One of my top priorities is to see a Mass Transit system that will work for ALL of Gwinnett, not just the 85 corridor.  Planning and development must be done with thought and consideration of road congestion and mass transit preparedness.  


We cannot undo a lot of what has been built but we can take the steps needed to make the roads safer for a pedestrian friendly environment and a thought to our future Mass Transit system. 


With a diverse community you need diverse opportunities to show off your best assets which are the people of Gwinnett.  Creating a high skill work force means nothing if the opportunities to work in your community in those professions are not there. We must work to attract companies that have higher paying jobs to Gwinnett and create a work, play community right in our own backyards.


I’m proud to say that Gwinnett is the most diverse county in the entire Southeast and one of the most diverse county in the country. Yet our county seriously lack diverse representation when it comes to leadership. I will make sure that a county government led by me represents diversity, represents Gwinnett County.


Ms Kerensa Wing, High School in Lawrenceville was recently named national principal of the year. Her achievement  made her school and Gwinnett County proud. Under her stewardship, student performance on the state assessments rose between 3 and 13 percent in proficient and distinguished levels on all tests. Ms Wing oversees a very diverse population at her school, therefore, as a proponent of equality for all students, she doubled the number of African-American and Hispanic teachers under her tenor to better reflect the student population and hosted cultural competency training with her staff. Hence her crowning achievement across the board, she’s an example of true leadership, a representative of ONE Gwinnett.